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Meta Link provides fast and reliable internet service in Nepal. We provide affordable range of prices along with best customer care support.

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Our Current Area of service availablility are: Gokarneshwor,Thali, Gagalphedi, Jorpati, Bouddha, Salyan Shreenagar, Khalanga, Barela and Lanti!

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Because we provice the best internet service

Meta Link provides affordable price ranges for quality internet service. Customer Care Support is top priority for our business. We provide reliable and best service to all of our customers.

Where We Are?

We are currently providing our services in Kathmandu and Salyan in Nepal.

Kathmandu Salyan
Gokarneshwor Shreenagar
Thali Khalanga
Gagalphedi Barela
Jorpati Lanti

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  • Jorpati Chowk, Kathmandu, Nepal